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Submitted by Backstage Music Publishing 12/05/2014 – Toronto, Canada

Luciano Lombardi (SOCAN) Takes Second Prize at The Paris Sync Summit Competition

Backstage Music Publishing is proud to announce that composer Luciano Lombardi took Second Prize at the ParisSync Summit Competition (New York, Paris, Hollywood), for his musical treatment and sound design on the Trailer for the movie “Noah”, starring Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins and more.

With over 350 composers from around the world competing,this is a major honor!

The music that was used is from a recent album project for the band, Siberia K.O., and features Luciano’s captivating string arrangements off the song, “Is There Anybody Out There”. Below is Luciano’s winning entry for the Movie Trailer “Noah”.

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YouTube: Noah Trailer – Luciano Lombardi

Vimeo: Noah Trailer – Luciano Lombardi

Paris Sync Summit Competition 2014

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